Formula Student

For several years, we have supported  the Vienna University of Technology racing team, participants in the Formula Student.

Formula Student is an international design competition which challenges teams of university students to independently develop and produce a single-seat formula racing car.
With annual events in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America, these teams are offered the opportunity to compete with rivals from around the world in a variety of disciplines using their own race cars.

A  Restrictor made by us: restrictor.pdf

Tank car standard - dry disconnect coupling

In this newly developed system, the fixed hose unit connection remains completely unchanged.  The adaptable tank unit connection has been designed as a self-closing dry disconnect coupling.  

As a result, gas or liquid leakage during coupling is impossible.

A national and international patent has been granted for this development.

The tank truck standard dry disconnect coupling is available in versions with or without flame arrester in 2 inch and 3 inch sizes.

Diesel fuel fine filter

Requested by a well-known engine manufacturer we created a filter in nominal diameter DN 50 to filter diesel fuel with a fineness of 5 μm and a performance of at least 300 liters per hour.

This filter system consists of a main body with inlet and outlet flange and a filter housing with ceramic filter elements.

The medium flows through the inlet flange and a distributor pipe into the filter pot. The filtration takes place both on the surface as well as inside the filter tubes - a process known as depth filtration.

The filter tubes are easy to clean or replace thanks to the removable lid.

The system has been in use for 11 years. In the course of annual maintenance, the filter tubes can be checked and replaced as needed.

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